Style is something that each of us already has. The goal of #StyledByEmgee is to help clients find it, enhance it and speak of it through the clothes that one wears.

- Emgee Po
Emgee Po


We all have our individual styles. As a stylist, I make sure I incorporate my clients’ personality and make it less "me" and more "them".

#StyledByEmgee is a professional styling service based in Bacolod City, Philippines specializing in engagement photoshoots and fashion portraits. 

With certificate in Fashion Styling from the School of Fashion and the Arts, #StyledByEmgee promises to curate outfits for the client that is uniquely theirs. 

Let's be best of friends! #StyledByEmgee will give you a genuine connection and guide you through the planning process. This will save yourself from the trouble of all the behind-the-scenes needs so you may enjoy this one amazing moment that you’ll cherish forever! 

Custom packages are available, please see our contact info to discuss your styling needs.